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Hej Marie


Here are Saskia and Christian from Germany. Thank you for opening our package and for visiting this page to get more information about this camera and why you got it.
We love Sweden so much and that was the reason why we started in 2016. Here and on Facebook we share our experience, stories and photos from Sweden with the Community.
One of the most important question for us: If you have a limit of 27 pictures and a really simple camera – what would you show Germans who love Sweden? 🙂

Can we get you excited about it?

Who can shot pictures?

You, your colleagues and your friends – all people are welcome to take photos.

What kind of photos are good?

It is your choice. Take photos wherever and whenever you, your colleagues or friends like.
#TeamMeeting, #PartyTime, #Breakfast, #Holiday, #TeamPhoto – It is your decision and a surprise for us.

How long is the „Contest“?

You can shot all photos in 1, 2, 10 or 200 days. It is your choice too.


Nothing is infinite! But you have the possibility to take photos with a not exceptional camera – back to the roots. 🙂 .
It is more a funny surprise for us to be in contact with a unknown person we never met before.
Maybe you bring the camera to waste – we don´t know. It is more a funny „contest“.
We expect nothing and look forward what happen.
And After that?

If you, your friends or colleagues shot the 27 pictures, please send the camera back to this address:
Sparheld international GmbH
z. Hd. Christian Hellrung
Ritterstraße 11
10969 Berlin
– Tyskland –

This is my company address. It is more safety with german parcel services as my home address.

You get the money back!

I send you the money for the package and delivery service back to your bank Account or to Paypal.
Please send me a mail to with the payment informations and i´ll send the money asap to you.

What happen with the pictures?

As i mentioned we expect nothing. We have no idea if you send us the camera back. We develop the images here in Germany and send you the result on a nice way back. You´ll see the result 100%. 🙂

We look forward to hear/read from you. Best greetings from Berlin – Germany! - Über uns

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